Pisac Ruins

The Incan ruins at Pisac often get missed off the Sacred Valley itinerary, as tourists spend too much time shopping at the market. However, to miss out on these ruins would be to miss out on some of the best examples of Incan terracing around, and some amazing views to boot. At an elevation of 3,300m the ruins are reached by driving up a winding road and then walking a short distance. The views of both the ruins and the surrounding valleys are well worth the journey.


The remarkably well-preserved ruins are an excellent example of how the Incas used irrigated agricultural terraces for their farming.  Cultivating seeds in the terraces, the Incans used them as we might use greenhouses, nurturing seedlings at different altitudes on the mountain-sides, seeing what could grow where.  Looking around the valley and beyond, it is possible to see how the Incan farming techniques are still put to practice.


Above the terraces are further ruins, of farming cottages and also a sacred area where the higher classes were mummified and buried in preparation for the after life.


Holes in the side of the adjacent mountain reveal the location of the graves, although the tombs have been long since plundered.




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