Peru Tipping Guide


Tipping in the tourist industry in Peru is customary and expected. At the end of any tour, drive or meal, your guide or waiter will be most forthright in asking for their gratuity.  Whether you like this direct approach or not, tips are relied upon to top up incomes and you need to budget for them. In hotels & larger towns, you can tip in either Soles or USD, but if it is the latter, please ensure that the bills are not crumpled. When tipping in rural locations, or on treks, Soles are more appropriate. Here is a guide to the amounts you can expect to pay.


You don't normally tip for a regular taxi ride. Make sure that you agree a fare upfront, the driver will have factored a tip into the fare already!  For private drivers, a tip of $5 - $7 per passenger, day would be about right.


If you are eating at a moderate / lower end restaurant, then it is fine to round up the bill; most Peruvians wouldn't tip in this type of establishment.  In higher end eateries, a tip of 10% is a good amount.


Tips for tour or nature guides do depend on the level of service you have received. $10 per person would be the amount you would tip for excellent service. 

Accommodation & Lodges

In budget - mid-range hotels, tipping is not expected. If you wanted to tip the cleaning staff, then leave about $1 per night. If someone has helped you with your bags, then a $1 is about right. At the jungle lodges, tipping boxes are provided and a rate of $3 per person per day is suggested; this will be shared out between all staff at the lodge.  

Inca Trail & Trekking

Tipping makes up for an important part of the porters income and whilst we try to ensure that the guides and porters used on your trek receive a good, fair wage, they still appreciate (and expect) a tip. There will be a tipping ceremony on the penultimate evening of your trek. This is the point when you will have a chance to thank your porters, cooks and guides. It is worth ensuring that you have sufficient soles with you for your tipping, in small enough denominations. Guideline amounts are as follows:

Porters: 60 - 80 Soles per porter from the group

Cooks: 80 - 100 soles from the group

Guides: 160 - 200 soles from the group

Please bear in mind that, depending on your group size, there will be 1 or 2 guides, 1 or 2 cooks and 10 - 20 porters. Porters don't just carry your baggage, but also all of the camping equipment, food and dining equipment.  At your pre-trek briefing, you can ask how many porters are trekking with you. If you have any other questions about tipping the trekking team, please ask your guide. 







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