Where to stay in Cappadocia

The region of Cappadocia, in Central Turkey, is serviced by two airports, Kayseri and Nevsehir and there are several picturesque towns where you can base yourself for your stay which we have highlighted below. The distances are not vast, so it is perfectly possible to depend on local taxis to get you between the towns and major sights, or you can rent a car. Be aware that accommodation can book up far in advance, especially in the peak season so if you have a particular preference, it pays to get in there early. Cave hotels are a popular option for visitors to the region and there are plenty to choose from. Most hotels offering cave rooms will have non-cave options as well, so make sure you make it clear when booking if you specifically want a cave room. Well executed cave rooms are atmospheric and cool places to stay, with bags of character. Be aware, however, that some cave rooms can feel dank and dark. Price is a useful differentiator here, as ever with accommodation, you get what you pay for.


Goreme is seen as the hub town for Cappadocia and is certainly where the majority of travel agents and tour companies are based. It also offers the widest price range of hotels, with both boutique and hostels on offer. The town itself is very pretty and you will see modern buildings interspersed with fairy chimneys. The advantage of staying in Goreme is that there is a multitude of restaurants to suit all budgets and it is livelier than the other towns, so if you like bars and relaxed cafes, then Goreme will suit you best.  The other advantage is that you can walk to the famous Goreme Open Air Museum from the town. This monastery complex is well worth a visit during your stay and offers some fabulous examples of cave churches and ancient frescoes.

Our suggested accommodation in Goreme is Vezir Cave Suites or Sultan Cave Suites.


Urgup is a well-heeled town built on a hill with beautiful views of Cappadocia. The town has very few low-end hotels, but has some lovely elegant boutique cave hotels. There are no major sights to see, the main town is pretty and has a winery that you can visit. There is a good selection of upmarket restaurants to choose from. It is easy enough to base yourself in Urgup and visit the main sights of the region. An excellent choice if you are looking for a more sophisticated option and are not fussed about visiting bars and pubs.

Our suggested accommodation in Goreme is Esbelli Evi


The rock formation in Uchisar, which once served as castle, is the photo of Cappadocia that is seen on most brochures for the region. With far-reaching views of the Cappadocia region, it is a pretty place to stay. In the off-season, there are very few restaurants to choose from, but there is more going on in the peak season. If you are active, it is possible to hike to Goreme from Uchisar through the picturesque Pigeon Valley, Most people prefre to stay in Groeme and hike to the castle for lunch, bit there is no reason why you shouldn't do it the other way round. A good option if you are looking for somewhere quiet to stay with lovely views.

Our suggested accommodation in Uchisar is Karlik Evi.


Ortahisar is a sleepy and attractive town with only one restaurant and very few hotels (so far). There are no main sights to speak of, other than an 18m high rock that once served as a fortress. It makes for a beautiful centrepiece to the town and is lovely to view whilst enjoying a drink on your hotel terrace. You can easily get a taxi to nearby Urgup or Goreme where there is a broad choice of restaurants. This is definitely the best option for those looking to get away from it all.

Our suggested accommodation in Uchisar is the Hezen Cave Suites.


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