One of the most important archaeological sites in the world, Ephesus was originally built as an ancient Greek city before it was taken over by the Romans, who made it their Asian capital. The vast site (of which less than 20% has been unearthed) is one of Turkey's biggest attractions and is also a Unesco World Heritage Site. For anyone with even a passing interest in Ancient history, then it is an absolute must-see. Originally a bustling port town (the sea has since receded), Ephesus was a hub for traders and politicians. Your visit takes you through the different parts of the city, from the government quarters, through the mains street (the Champs Elysee of its time), passing the residential quarters. Despite the fact that it was built over 2,000 years ago, the sophistication of some aspects of life is astounding. Public toilets with a plumbing system (the Romans placed high importance on personal hygiene), and even an underground passage from the library to the brothel so that wives would not suspect their studious husbands. Not to be missed along the way are the Terraced Houses, for which you need to pay an additional entrance fee. This is well worth the money. Not only does it give youan insight into the intricate and laborious work that the archaeologists face trying to piece together the ancient puzzles, but you also see for yourself the ruined houses, complete with water pipes creating ancient central heating systems. At the end of your visit, you will pass the enormous amphi-theatre which played host to plays and gladiatorial fights. This vast structure just goes to prove the sheer might and discipline of the ancient Romans.








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