Bosphorus Cruises

A cruise on the Bosphorus si just one of those iconic things you must do in Istanbul. The river connects the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara and, of course, divides Europe from Asia. Usedby ferries, shipping companies and pleasure boats, this busy waterway has also achieved Hollywood status, having starred alongside Daniel Craig in James Bond. The banks of the river are full of restaurants, attractive suburbs, mosuqes and palaces making it a must-see acvtivity for visitors to Istanbul. Added to that, after all the sight seeing, it's a good excuse to sit down for a few hours and rest those weary mueum feet.


Which Bospohorus cruise to choose rests entirely down to personal preference. Your hotel and local travel agent in Istanbul will be able to sell you a full day or half day package which usually includes a cruise, a visit to a spice market and a chance to visit one of the palaces on the banks of the river. Evening dinenr cruises are also possible. Half day cruises start at around €35 per person.

If you have a full day to spare, you could rely on Istanbul's ferry service and travel up the Bosphorus, taking the time to explore on the shore as you go. 

There are also shorter cruises available, showing you the highlights. Expect to pay around 12TL for a 90 minute trip. Turyol is one such company. For this option, you can pick up your tickets on the quay side. Turn up 1/2 an hour before you ferry is due to depart to make sure you get a good seat. (You want to sit on the left hand side of the boat when the boat is facing forward)

Remember to check the boat to make sure that you are satsified it has life vests and a life boat before you head off. 





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