Accommodation in Istanbul


As with everything in life, you get what you pay for. Accommodation in European cities is expensive and Istanbul is no exception.  Your choice depends broadly on two factors; budget and personal preference.

Given that nearly all hotels have labelled themselves 'boutique,' this is no longer a useful differentiator.  For the purposes of this guide, we will segment hotels into small and large. Large hotels have 25+ rooms and all the rooms are exactly the same. You can expect professional service with high standards of cleanliness. In more expensive hotels, you can also expect to see top notch facilities which may appeal if you are travelling with children. Some families will welcome the opportunity to have a hotel with a pool to jump into after a day out sight-seeing. 

Some people love the feel of a larger hotel, others prefer something more intimate. These smaller hotels tend to be independent, family rin affairs, which leaves you more subject to the owners and their personalities. Rooms are often decorated individually and you should expect a more friendly, informal service. Personal touches mean that you are more likely to get to know your hosts. However, you may find gaps in professionalism and more quirks. It is also worth noting that smaller hotels book up quickly.

Price-wise, 3* is decidedly mid-range. Whilst you can get lucky and find a gem, the quality of hotels in this price randge is variable. Larger hotels in the 3* bracket seem stuck in the 1990's whist the small hotels in this category can seem neglected and a little rough around the edges.  

4* delivers hotels with good facilities. Pools, generous roof terraces and quality fixtures and fittings can all be expected from larger hotels. Small hotels won't have the pool, but will benefit from gardens or a roof terrace with beautiful views.  Service for both should be slick in this price range.

5* sees you in the luxury category occupied by hotels suchs as the four seasons. They deliver everything you would expect for rooms at this price, but you would hope so with rooms starting at €600.

All of the hotels listed for Istanbul have been personally visited by a member of the Tourdust team. Please feel free to contact us to discuss options.  


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