A Boat Trip through the Jungle


The Tambopata river, snaking it's way through the jungle is all you could hope from a rainforest waterway; brown, murky and mysterious.  With a two and a half hour boat ride up to our jungle lodge, there was plenty of time to sit back, relax and watch the scenery. The week before I went there had been a sighting of a jaguar on the banks of the mighty river. We were not quite so lucky, but were still thrilled with what we did manage to see. 


The white and black bird you can see is a King Vulture, a pretty rare spot in the Rainforest. The other birds are common vultures, they have been grazing on a decaying carcass.


We saw quite a few caimans as we motored upstream, basking in the sun.


This is a capivari, a common mammal in the rainforest that looks like an over-sized guinea pig.


And the murkier side to jungle life. Illegal loggers taking wood down river to sell at the markets. 


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