Imlil Valley in The Atlas Mountains

I'm always fascinated by hub towns, where travellers and tourists congregate before heading out on their own adventures. There is usually a very distinctive atmosphere, with a polarised transient community split evenly between the newly arrived and those resting up from their exertions. It is the same feel you get in Queenstown, Sapa, Chiang Mai, Chamonix and countless other mountain towns and it was no different in Imlil. The small town of Imlil acts as the hub for anyone attempting anything more than a day's hiking in the Atlas Mountains. It can thank its proximity to Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in Northern Africa for that right, but its setting is spot on too, sat as it is at the confluence of the Tamatert Valley and Imlil Valleys. Whilst the Imlil Valley isn't the most photogenic in the Atlas Mountains (The Azzaden Valley takes that prize in my mind), it is isn't exactly camera shy: Enjoy...

The drive from Marrakech takes you past the buzzing market town of Asni and then past Richard Branson's exclusive tented hotel Kasbah Tamadot.
Kasbah Tamadot

At the floor of the Imlil Valley, the Asif N'au Mizane carries meltwater down to the Marrakech plains. In spring it is a raging river, in autumn more of a gentle brook with lush green river banks and walnut groves.Imlil Valley 

A number of the guesthouses and Kasbahs in Imlil take full advantage of the setting. The Kasbah du Toubkal is arguably and justifiably the most famous, with a stunning rooftop terrace and wonderful warm atmosphere, even if you aren't staying, it is worth a visit for tea on the terrace.
View from the terrace of Kasbah Du Toubkal

The path heading up the valley out of Imlil passes its last house before getting into the mountains proper. Imlil is a relatively prosperous town with electricity and modern construction methods. More traditional Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains consist of mud walled squat red houses built almost atop each other.
last house on the right

There are a number of seasonal stalls along the path between Imlil and the Toubkal Mountain Refuge. This was unfortunately shut for us (I say unfortunately, as I was thirsty)
Path from Imlil to Toubkal

Mules are a common site on the trails in the Atlas Mountains. They are frequently used to carry heavy loads (up to 100kg per mule) to the mountain refuges and of course to transport trekkers backpacks!

The tiny settlement of Sidi Chamharouch is built around a Muslim shrine (marabout) which is out of bounds to non muslims. So not everyone heading up the path out of Imlil is headed all the way to Toubkal. 
Sidi Chamharouch

There are two mountain refuges below the peak of Toubkal, both of which tend to fill up in the busy summer months with trekkers preparing for the ascent.
Toubkal Refuge

Finally at the head of the valley is Toubkal, the second highest mountain in Africa behind Kilimanjaro.

Treks that feature the Imlil Valley

Day trip to the Atlas Mountains from £80pp
Day trip from Marrakech for those short on time. Includes a short hike in the Valleys around Imlil and a traditional tagine and salad lunch in a Barber Village.

Atlas Mountains - Short Valley Tours  From £135 pp
On these two or three day guided Atlas Mountains Valleys tours you’ll hike along winding mule tracks, cross high passes and overnight in traditional Berber Villages. These treks are available year-round.

Climb Toubkal From £145pp
Classic 2 day / 1 night trek from Imlil up to the peak of Toubkal. We also recommend the circular 3 Day / 2 Night  trek including the Azzaden Valley and ascent of Toubkal.

Discover Berber Villages and Climb Toubkal from £300pp
Explore the Atlas Mountains around Marrakech and hike up Mount Toubkal on this five-day trek. The route takes you through the Azzaden Valley and a number of traditional Berber Villages en route to Toubkal

6 Day Toubkal Circuit from £375pp
This is the route for trekking enthusiasts. This trek takes you in a broad sweep around Toubkal and culminates in the ascent of Toubkal. Highlights include camping out in the mountains away from the crowds, Lake Ifni and countless high altitude passes.

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