Family Holidays at Christmas

Christmas and New Year is peak season in Southern and Eastern Africa. South Africa is in the peak of summer and very busy with domestic tourism. Kenya and Tanzania are not quite as busy but peak pricing does kick in. It really is a fantastic time of year to head to this part of the world, but do book early. One country that seems to buck the trend of hyper inflated prices over Christmas and New Year is Morocco, flight prices tend to be lower than usual for school holiday periods, there is usually reasonable availability outside of the best Marrakech riads and there is plenty of winter sunshine to warm even the coldest heart.


Temperatures in Morocco over Christmas and New Year tend to hover around 20 Celsius in Marrakech, the Sahara Desert and on the Coast and 5-10 degrees cooler in the Atlas Mountains, depending on altitude. Night time temperatures tend to cool down quickly so you will need to pack a jumper. It isn’t quite sun bathing temperature, but you would swim in a heated pool. A lovely combination for families is to take a whole riad rental for 3-4 days over Christmas, giving you the run of the place for a family house party with staff! Riad Tzarra works really well to this end. From Marrakech you can then either combine with a trip out to the Desert or to the Atlas Mountains.

South Africa

South Africa, and the Cape in particular is in full summer holiday swing over Christmas and New Year. South Africans decamp en-masse to the Coast with a determined party mood. Away from the Coast, things tend to be a little saner and there is no doubt this is a wonderful time to be in South Africa, with fantastic weather, dramatic scenery and incredible wildlife.


What better way to spend Christmas than to be thoroughly spoiled in a stunning wilderness location on safari. It certainly beats another Christmas of TV, wet weather and over indulgence. We’d recommend safari in a homely owner run camp such as Laikipia Wilderness, Ekorian or El Karama followed by some much needed beach time on Zanzibar or the Kenyan Coast.


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