Agafay Desert

About 40km outside of Marrakech, the landscape slowly changes from urban to rural farm land until you reach the Agafay desert. Don’t be misled by its name, this is not a Saharan-style sandy desert; it is more of a barren, deserted plateau. Stretching for miles, this semi-lunar terrain is unforgiving in the summer months, but in the cooler seasons it provides a breath-taking environment, one that is often over-looked by those wanting to shuttle between the Atlas Mountains and Marrakech.

Local villages have been driven out by the lack of water, so, apart from some local shepherds and the odd 4x4, the area is free for exploration and makes a fantastic camel trekking or hiking destination. The snow-capped Atlas Mountains form a stunning backdrop and walking on the seemingly endless plateau is easy going. Following small river gorges and walking up the small hills is very pleasurable and accessible, with constant rewards of far-reaching views. A picnic lunch will be arranged en-route, as can camels if you prefer to explore on four legs.

Your trek in Agafay can be enjoyed as a day trip from Marrakech but you may prefer to stay in this tranquil environment and sleep under the stars. We can arrange wild camping or if you would like a little more comfort, we can arrange for you to stay at the nearby Scarabeo camp. 





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