Family Safaris

Family Safari Holidays

For family memories that will last forever, for sitting silent in awe as a herd of elephant walk right by you and for sharing a moment as the sun sets over the majestic bush, there are few better ways to spend time together as a family than on safari.

At Tourdust we know every family has different needs. Our safari specialists have travelled Africa extensively, going on safari with kids aged from 1 to 18 and everything in between. So whether you are travelling with young toddlers, teenagers or the whole family with multiple generations of babies, toddlers, teenagers, parents and grandparents, we will work with you to organise a safari that will blow everyone's socks off!

Don't just take our word for it

Our Family Safaris are rated 5 out of 5

Ben’s recommendation of the Laikipia Wilderness Camp, followed by the Sosian Ranch and then the Msambweni Beach House was absolutely perfect for us. Everywhere we went the experience was personalised, the service was outstanding and the quality of facilities was second to none. Yes, we did safari drives to see the fantastic range of wildlife in the area, but we also swam in the rivers, rode camels, went on game walks and ate delicious meals cooked on an open camp fire before sleeping out under the endless African skies listening to the lions roaring! Then a flight down to the coast and we relaxed in the luxury of the a villa overlooking the Indian Ocean, with massages on the beach, personal staff on hand and nothing too much trouble.
We knew that we didn’t want a standard package safari and beach holiday but what we got was beyond all our expectations – a truly personal, family experience of Kenya that we will remember forever!

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Safaris For families of all ages

Safaris for Under 6's

South Africa Kenya

South Africa is hands down the best safari option for families with younger children.

South Africa works so well for younger families as there are easy direct flights, you can self drive and travel at your own pace and there are several superb lodges that specialise in catering for younger children. The safari lodges of the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal and Madikwe in particular are very family friendly and are all in low malaria risk areas.

However, don't rule out malarial areas, anti-malarials are available for young children, and you could consider Kenya, where there are several lodges which do a fantastic job with younger families such as Laikipia Wilderness Camp in the Laikipia area and Mara Bush Houses in the Mara. Seriously adventurous young families could consider a self drive camping safari in Namibia


Safaris for 6-12 Year Olds

South Africa Kenya Namibia Tanzania Zimbabwe* Botswana* Zambia*

South Africa, Kenya, Namibia and Tanzania all work well for safaris for kids in the 7-12 year old bracket.

A big advantage in this age group is that safari camps often charge children under 12 at half rates. South Africa and Namibia will offer the best value for money. If you can afford it though, definitely consider Kenya and Tanzania where the sense of wilderness and scale of the iconic Masai - Serengeti plains are incomparable to anything you will experience in South Africa.

In this inbetween age group, adventurous families will absolutely love roof-top camping in Namibia and combining Victoria Falls with safari in Hwange (Zimbabwe) or Chobe (Botswana).

Safaris for Teenagers

South Africa Kenya Namibia Tanzania Zimbabwe Botswana Zambia

All safari destinations are very definitely in scope for families with teenagers.

Particularly active and ambitious children will love the challenge of climbing Mnt Kenya or Kilimanjaro and combining with safari and beach. Tanzania's Northern Circuit works particularly well offering just the right combination of culture, wildlife and adventure. Please note some activities (such as game walks and canoe safaris)  are often still out of limits for younger teenagers (many specify over 16). It is also worth noting that some camps charge reduced teenager rates usually around 75% of adult rates.


Safari Expertise +
Family Travel Expertise

We offer the best of both worlds. Knowledgeable safari specialists who also understand the unique demands of family travel.


Destination Expertise + Family Travel Experience

We offer the best of both worlds. Knowledgeable safari specialists who also understand the unique demands of family travel.


Our Favourite Family Safari Destinations

South Africa

Under 6s 6-12 Teenagers Malaria Free Safari

  • Suitable for low, mid and high budgets
  • Best safari for very young families
  • Direct flights from UK and USA
  • Lowest priced safari in Africa
  • Less 'wild' than other countries

South Africa is a wonderful place to immerse your family in Africa for the first time with stunning and varied scenery, an abundance of family friendly lodges and world class food and wine. Safari guides tend to be well used to guiding children on safari and there are several excellent private safari reserves in malaria free locations (ideal for families with young children). Safari lodges here also tend to be cheaper like for like than other African safari destinations. South Africa works particularly well for a first time safari as it is easy to combine a short 3 day safari at a private reserve with Cape Town with a road trip through the Garden Route or KwaZulu Natal's Mountain region or a beach stay in Mauritius or Mozambique. The main weakness of South Africa is that the private reserves often don't feel as wild and vast as those found elsewhere in Africa.


Under 6s 6-12 Teenagers Malaria Free Safari

  • Iconic Masai Mara Grasslands
  • Superb Family Friendly Safari Camps
  • Direct flights from UK and USA
  • Lowest priced safari in Africa
  • Best for mid and high budgets

For those with the budget, Kenya is one of our favourite family safari destinations. Kenya features excellent wildlife viewing, with particularly large populations of predators and big cats in the Masai Mara, iconic wild open spaces and some seriously superb small owner operated bush camps which have perfected the art of family safaris. It also combines very easily with beach time on the Kenya Coast or on Zanzibar. It is easier to get to than Tanzania, the camps are more family friendly and costs here are lower like for like than Botswana. The main weakness of Kenya from a family safari point of view is that there are no malaria free safari options.


Under 6s 6-12 Teenagers No Malaria Free Safari

  • Iconic Serengeti Grasslands
  • Superb wildlife
  • Combine with beaches of Zanzibar
  • No direct flights from UK or USA
  • Not suitable for low budgets

Similar to Kenya, Tanzania offers vast open savannah on the plains of the Serengeti with large populations of predators and big cats and the teeming concentrated wildlife hotspot of the Ngorongoro Crater. Safari here combines perfectly with beach time on Zanzibar. Although both Kenya and Tanzania have their merits, we often find ourselves recommending Kenya over Tanzania for family safaris because of the greater distances involved in travelling around Tanzania and the availability of more family oriented safari camps in Kenya. That being said, both Tanzania and Kenya offer fantastic family safari options, and choosing between the two is like choosing between chocolate cake and chocolate brownies! The main weaknesses of Tanzania are the lack malaria-free safari options, the lack of direct flights and the relatively long drives on the Northern Circuit.


Under 6s 6-12 Teenagers Low Risk Malaria Safari

  • Stunning Desert Landscapes & Wildlife
  • Low, Mid and High Budget Options
  • Best for independent adventure
  • No direct flights from UK or USA
  • Tricky to combine with beach

Namibia is the place to go if you want to safari as a family independently without a guide. The desert scenery is stunning, there is plenty of wildlife and it is a relatively safe and stable country. It can also be excellent value if you self drive and roof top camp. There is a a fantastic network of superb campsites with swimming pools and private pitches featuring private bathrooms and cooking stations. With the ability to travel independently, we find Namibia works well with children of all ages, including younger kids. The main drawbacks of Namibia are the long drives and the fact that it doesn't really combine well with a beach location.


Under 6s 6-12 Teenagers No Malaria Free Safari

  • Unique Okavango Delta Wetlands
  • Combine with Victoria Falls
  • Exclusive low density safari
  • No direct flights from UK or USA
  • Not suitable for low budgets

Botswana is arguably Africa's finest safari destination, but is unarguably also its most expensive. Massive conservancies teeming with wildlife host only a handful of tourists, and the stunning Okavango Delta is a must see. It is one of Africa's safest countries to visit and combines well with a trip to Victoria Falls and Cape Town. It hasn't always been seen as a family friendly destination, partly due to cost and partly due the sheer volume of dangerous wildlife around. However, this is fast changing and there are now some superb family friendly camps available. The main weakness of Botswana is the difficulty of combining with a beach stay, the lack of malaria free safari options and of course the high rates.


Under 6s 6-12 Teenagers No Malaria Free Safari

  • Africa's best safari guides
  • Combine with Victoria Falls
  • Comparatively Good Value
  • No direct flights from UK or USA
  • Not suitable for low budgets

Zimbabwe is a fantastic safari destination offering some of Africa's best wildlife viewing in massive wilderness areas but with a fraction of the visitor density of Kenya and Tanzania. It offers excellent value compared to Botswana for a similarly exclusive safari experience. Due to past political instability, Zim hasn't been top of the list for family safaris, but post Mugabe, the safari scene is on the up. If you are keen to visit Victoria Falls, then we think the nearby Hwange National Park is the best safari combo, offering a superior and better value experience than the Kruger (in S Africa) or Chobe (in Botswana). The main weakness of Zimbabwe is the lack of malaria free safari options and the difficulty of combining with a beach stay.

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Malaria Free Safaris

South Africa and more specifically Madikwe, KwaZulu Natal and The Western and Eastern Cape Game Reserves offer the best malaria-free safaris

Although the majority of safari destinations are in malarial areas, there are several reserves in South Africa that are malaria free including the Eastern Cape Reserves of Shamware, Amakhala and Pumba, Madikwe in the North of South Africa, and Tswalu in the Kalahari. In addition the area around Hluhluwe National Park in KwaZulu-Natal is designated a low risk malaria area (where the risk is so low that the authorities do not recommend taking anti malarials, just taking steps to avoid insect bites such as using insect repellent and covering up at dawn and dusk). Etosha National Park in Namibia is also designated a low risk malaria area between the months of July and October.

Young children are particularly at risk of contracting severe cases of malaria and children under the age of 5 are the most vulnerable age group affected by malaria. Anti malarials drugs are available for children. Malarone is taken daily as a small pill (dosage depends on age and weight) starting 1 day before travel, and then every day while there, and continued for 7 days after leaving the malaria region. Malarone can be crushed if your child has difficulty swallowing pills.

Typical Family Safari Costs

Costs for family safaris vary hugely and generally speaking you do get what you pay for. Rates on safari tend to include all meals, guided game drives andd conservation fees. So whilst it may seem expensive, bear in mind it does include the equivalent of two guided tours per day, three big meals per day and all the effort and cot that goes into conserving these magical wild habitats for nature. Rates depend primarily on the level of safari camps and lodges you choose and the destination. For example, safari in Botswana routinely costs twice or three times as much as many of its neighbours. Other factors at play include the dates of travel (Christmas and New Year and July and August tend to be the most expensive) and the age of children in the family (under 12s often benefit from 50% rate reductions and teenagers are often charged at 75% of an adult's rate).


£2,000 - £3,000
US$3,000 - US$4,000

budget per person including flights from UK / US

At this entry level point, we have to be very creative to deliver a decent safari on budget. There are only a handful of options that work so availability can be a big issue. There are three broad options at this price point, safari in KwaZulu Natal combined with the KwaZulu Natal Coast, a self drive from Cape Town along the Garden Route to the Eastern Cape Reserves and a self drive roof top camping adventure in Namibia.


£3,000 - £4,000
US$4,000 - US$5,000

budget per person including flights from UK / US

With a little more money to play with the options start improving considerably. You can upgrade to better options in South Africa (e.g. Madikwe Safari and Mauritius) and Namibia (lodges rather than roof top camping) or you can consider Kenya (e.g. Masai Mara Safari and Zanzibar), Zimbabwe (a two centre safari in Northern and Southern Hwangwe combined with Vic Falls) or a limited incursion into Botswana (Chobe and Vic Falls). At this price point, smart decisions still need to be made about camps and lodges as higher end accommodations quickly escalate costs.


£4,000 - £6,000
US$5,000 - US$8,000

budget per person including flights from UK / US

At this level, you are starting to be able to afford a two week safari holiday combining a seriously good week on safari (for example in Tanzania's Northern Circuit or combining the Mara with the Laikipia area in Kenya) with a week on the beach on Zanzibar. However, this is still only possible by being very smart with the choice of camps and lodging and aiming at that small handful of much in demand good value, good quality camps with simple but comfortable and atmospheric settings. Another really smart choice at this budget point is combining a 2 Centre Safari in Northern and Southern Hwange combined with Victoria Falls & beach time in Mauritius



budget per person including flights from UK / US

With budget to play with there are some fantastic options to choose from. Top of the list would be a safari combining the Okovanga Delta with Savuti and Victoria Falls or a fly in Northern Circuit Safari in Tanzania. There is still a huge variation in prices at this budget level between reliable lower 5* / upper 4* lodging from the likes of Asilia (Tanzania) and Desert & Delta (Botswana) and the uber high-end Wilderness Safaris and Singita. If choosing the latter, expect to pay well into 6 figures per person.

Meet Our Team

Lisa Fisher

Specialist Subject: Safari, S&E Africa

Been on Safari in: South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia

Favourite Safari: Okovanga Delta

Lisa is one of the most experienced Safari specialists around with over 18 years experience leading and designing exceptional safari experiences for andBeyond, Rainbow Tours and now Tourdust. Lisa was born in Zimbabwe and bought up in South Africa and has travelled widely throughout Southern and Eastern Africa.

Lisa has a young son who has already had the fortune to join her on safari in South Africa and Sri Lanka

Some Of Our Favourite Family Safaris

It is always hard to pick a favourite as every safari we design is individually designed to meet a unique brief. However these are some of the safaris we'd come back to if choosing for ourselves!

Our favourite all round family safari regardless of budget

Our favourite all round family safari regardless of budget

The best of Kenya for families, combining the wilderness of Laikipia North, superb safari in the Masai Mara and the beautiful Kenya Coast.

Budget approximately £5000 - £6000 / $7000 - $9000 per person including flights from UK / US.

Tailor-made Luxury 13 days

Our favourite malaria-free family safari and beach holiday

The perfect relaxing holiday combining safari in arguably the best malaria-free reserve, Madikwe with the family friendly pristine white sands of Mauritius

Budget approximately £3000 - £4000 / $4000 - $5000 per person including flights from UK / US.

Tailor-made Luxury 12 days

Our favourite malaria-free family safari and beach holiday

The lowest cost decent family safari for those on a tight budget

The lowest cost decent family safari for those on a tight budget

Fantastic value safari & beach combination in KwaZulu-Natal. Enjoy big 5 safari and relaxed beach time.

Budget approximately £2000 / $3000 per person including flights from UK / US.

Tailor-made Classic 8 days

The best malaria-free safari holiday bar none

Two week family holiday including some of the best family friendly lodges in South Africa from Cape Town to the renowned Grootbos Lodge on the dramatic whale coast at Hermanus with big five safari in Madikwe and family friendly active safari at the incomparable Ant's Collection in the Waterberg.

Budget approximately £4000 / $5000 per person including flights from UK / US.

Tailor-made Luxury 12 days

The best malaria free family safari holiday bar none

The best family safari
money can buy

The best family safari
money can buy

Experience the best of Tanzania's Northern Circuit featuring a stunning camp perched on the rim of Ngorongoro Crater and an incredible private bush lodge deep in the Serengeti.

Budget approximately £8000 / $10000 per person including flights from UK / US.

Tailor-made Luxury 7 days

The best family safari adventure for free spirits

The ultimate adventure for families who love travelling under their own steam and camping out. Self-drive roof-top camping adventure of Namibia enjoying the Sossusvlei dunes, searching for desert adapted elephant and spectacular big game in the Etosha National Park.

Budget approximately £2000 / $3000 per person including flights from UK / US.

Tailor-made Adventure 14 days

The best family safari adventure for free spirits

Multi-Generational Safaris

A multi-generational safari is a fantastic bonding experience for a larger family group.

Activities and meals taken care of so the group can relax and enjoy each others company. Game drives are just as fascinating for toddlers as grandparents and create a shared experience that will be talked about for years to come. One of our safari specialists organised a 17 person strong safari in South Africa  to celebrate a 70th birthday party for three generations of their family with 8 adults and 9 children varying in age from 4 to 17, and it was a huge success for all concerned.

We have organised multi generational safaris in Kenya, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa with budgets ranging from £2,000 per person to £10,000 per person.

When To Go

Christmas & New Year

We Recommend: Christmas and New Year is a fantastic time of year to visit South Africa (Western Cape), Kenya and Tanzania. Can be very popular so book early and expect to pay peak rates.

Worth Considering: Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe are all in green season. Low rates somewhat offset the hot temperatures and rain which tends to come in short and heavy showers.

February Holidays

We Recommend: South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania are by the best family safari options in the February school holidays. The weather is good and it doesn't tend to be too busy.

Worth Considering: Botswana becomes affordable and February sees the zebra migration in the Makgadikgadi grasslands

Best Avoided: We would recommend avoiding Namibia, Zimbabwe and KwaZulu Natal (South Africa) as it can be uncomfortably hot with heavy rain.

Spring / Easter Holidays

We Recommend: This is one of the best times of year for KwaZulu Natal and Cape Town and the Garden Route where temperatures are warm but not too hot.

Worth Considering: Spring brings the end of the green season in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia but there are still some good deals around. This is a good time for Namibia Victoria Falls is at full flow.

Best Avoided: Spring bring the long rains to Kenya and Tanzania and whilst there are some good deals to be had, many camps shut and we would recommend looking elsewhere for a family safari

May Holidays

We Recommend: Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia see the start of the dry season with little or no rain but without the cooler overnight temperatures of July and August.

Worth Considering: May can be a surprisingly good time to visit South Africa. There is usually plenty of availability and some good offers. Yes, it is getting towards the depth of winter, but expect great wildlife sightings and plenty of sunshine.

Best Avoided: The long rains in Kenya and Tanzania are usually still around in late May so Eastern Africa is best avoided.

July & August Summer Holidays

We Recommend: Kenya and Tanzania are at their best with the Wildebeest Migration and Mara river crossings usually in full flow. Namibia is in dry season meaning the wildlife around Etosha's water holes is excellent. Botswana is in peak season with the Okavango Delta flooded and at its best.

Worth Considering: South Africa is in the depths of winter, but South African winters are mild, dry and sunny with cold evenings. The dry season thins out the bush making wildlife sightings easier.

October Holidays

We Recommend: October is a great time of year for safaris across all of Eastern and Southern Africa. In particular South Africa is in the height of spring, so this is a very popular time of year for the Kruger and the Western Cape.

Worth Considering: In Botswana, Zimbabwe and Kenya, this is the end of the dry season with temperatures starting to warm up and a small amount of rain starting to creep through. Tanzania and Kenya sometimes get short rains at this time of year but they are usually fairly insignificant.

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A safari all your family will love

We know how family safaris work and are perfectionists when it comes to designing the best possible safari for all of you.


A safari all your family will love

We know how family safari work and are perfectionists when it comes to designing the best possible safari for your family



Our itineraries are carefully designed by our experienced travel designers based on years of experience and customer feedback. For a custom itinerary tailored to you, please enquire giving as much detail as possible on your brief.

Our best value family safari in Kenya with a balance of safari, activities and culture in the Rift Valley and Masai Mara

Tailor-made Adventure 1 week

Families from $2,377 pp plus flights

'From Price' is the average price per person for ground arrangements for a family of four (two adults + two children under 12).

Flights are typically an additional $986 per person economy class from London

Designed by Locals & Experts

We know our onions. Our specialists have vast experience of their destinations.

Sensible prices guaranteed

Our prices are often better than booking direct. We'll match any quote from a UK or US Tour operator.

Safe & Secure

As a comprehensively bonded ATOL and ABTA tour operator with 24/7 emergency support we've got your back.

What customers are saying after travelling with Tourdust

Average Rating

based on 504 reviews


  • We had a fantastic time. Thank you and it went smoothly in the main except for British Airways!

    The trip had the right degree of luxury and relaxation (for me) and adventure (all of us).

    A few points:
    Driving directions to Umlunghi Lodge were slightly wrong. The driving directions should read at the 4th roundabout take the first exit and turn right over the railway. We loved it there. Anton, Bianca and her son and Harriet were very informative and entertaining. The snake talk and handling, night walks and seeing scorpions and the walk in the bush and "bumping" into a giraffe were really special. The kayak trip to Makuzi pan that the lodge organised was good and Tomaz was very informative and kept a respectful distance from the hippos.3 nights was plenty.

    Rhino River Lodge game reserve was incredibly luxurious and we felt very looked after. The lion siting in camp the day we arrived sent an extra frisson of excitement down our spines. It was easy to forget there were predators that could attack us with all that luxury. The staff and guides (Karl) were knowledgeable and invested in their set up. We saw rhinos with baby, cheetahs with young, porcupine, Genet, wildebeast, Impala, Lion with young, buffalo, a puff adder, ostrich, zebra and giraffes. 4 nights was also plenty.
    They all served great food but I felt Ghost Mountain Inn topped the lot. The variety was amazing. We arrived at 10.30 but could not get into our room until 2 ish. The service was not so personal I guess because it is larger (far more than 50 rooms). We had been a bit spoilt at Rhino River! My daughter and I had some treatments at the Spa and loved it. We also went on a large boat trip on Jonzi and had a closer encounter with a large bull hippo and also a hike up Ghost Mountain with Patrick who was very informative and passionate about his people and his country. Isaac the other guide there took us on the boat trip and pointed out the sugar cane harvest on the way. he was very informative also.

    Lastly, Lalaria Lodge was fabulous and we all piled into the surf of the Indian Ocean. There was hardly anyone on the beach. It was "too cold" according to the landlady. The view from her terrace was of the ocean and whales breaching in the distance. I could have sat there all day. She very kindly provided us with a Scrabble board of her own for us to play. We took a Microlight ride from Ballito over the coastline in the hope of seeing whales and dolphins but no luck. If we had stayed longer we might have gone on a boat trip from Durban. We had a meal at a restaurant called Mozambique which was great fun with vast portions, plenty of carbs and fresh seafood!

    The value of the Rand to the Pound was excellent and therefore we felt that we got excellent value which also played a large part!

    MissingKatrina P reviewing South Africa Bush & Beach Safari For Families on 02 September 2019

  • Service rating : Great support from Ben from looking at different holiday options to sorting out an issue we had with our room in Mauritius. I would highly recommended using Tourist for help you with your holiday plan and booking.
    Product : our requirements were addressed and both venues exceeded our expectations

    Ben feefo reviewer verified review for South Africa Madikwe Safari and Mauritius on 30 July 2019

  • Hi, just back home now as stayed in London last night. It was fab! We loved it! Amazing all round- Thankyou. Best holiday ever!!!

    Accommodation great at both places, guides lovely, staff great. We saw more animals than ever expected: giraffes, lion, elephants, water hog, wilder beast, impala, white rhino, crocodiles, hippos in lake Sybia, monkeys in trees at Tonga.

    Beach beautiful, but a bit windy, waves v rough but didn’t deter my boys. We snorkeled which was fab but too rough on day we booked to do ocean experience.

    My boys swam in all pools!!!

    Weather better than we expected!

    Must go and do some laundry, but hope that helps?

    Best Nicola

    MissingNicola B reviewing Luxury South Africa Safari & Beach Holiday on 24 July 2019

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