Kilimanjaro Quick Guide

If you’ve only got 5 minutes this quick guide to Kilimanjaro is for you. We’ve attempted to answer all the questions in (around) 140 characters. If you want more detail, check all the articles on the right of the page.

Sell it to me?
Its Africa’s highest mountain with rainforest, moorland, glaciers, lunar landscapes and insane altitude. Pu simply, it is an iconic & monumental achievement.

When is the best time to climb Kili?
Its possible year round. Avoid Jul-Sep + xmas/new year to miss crowds. Avoid April, May and November if you don’t like rain. Best month = June

Which route should I do?
Depends on your priority; tight budget? Marangu is cheap but summit prospects not great. Hate crowds? TK Rongai and TK Lemosho quietest. Machame good all-rounder

How comfortable will I be?
Marangu uses basic huts (bunk bed sponge mattress), other routes camping (thunderbox loo, 2 man tents, sleeping mats)

How tough is Kilimanjaro?
Its possible for anyone with reasonable fitness. It is a big test of stamina, patience and determination. Biggest hurdle is altitude sickness

Do I need specialist kit?
You’ll need to splash out on some good trekking kit, breathable layers, waterproofs, insulated jacket, walking boots and 4 season sleeping bags essential

Why should I choose Tourdust for my Kilimanjaro climb?
We organise hundreds of succesful treks in Africa every year. We offer impartial honest advice, great rates, experienced guides and a choice of shared or private treks. We also understand that there is more to Africa than Kilimanjaro and our team has 30+ years experience of designing safaris and beach holidays in Southern and Eastern Africa.

What is it like at the summit (Uhuru Peak)?
Icebergs, lunar landscape, views (if lucky). Downside of crater summit is no distinguishable peak. Main emotion is relief.

How can I avoid crowds?
One or all of: Choose a quieter route (TK Rhongai / TK Lemosho), a quieter month (e.g. June), summit during the day, stay in crater camp.

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