Kilimanjaro on film

Many words have been written about Africa's highest peak. Some have waxed lyrical about the beauty of Kilimanjaro both from below and from its snow-topped summit. Others have described in uncompromising detail the tortuous ascent and the sheer relief not only of reaching the top but of getting back down to a manageable altitude. 

In this round-up I thought it would be useful to focus not on the written accounts of Kilimanjaro but on a few of the video clips that provide insights of how it feels to climb this most challenging peak. 

This first clip by jasonmedia provides perhaps the best imagery and could easily be part of an IMAX movie on Kilimanjaro. It's a good place to start if you want to get inspired to book your Kilimanjaro trek.

A rather rose-tinted view, but an appealing one no doubt. The second clip by whereisdanman offers us a more personal account of the final day of a Kilimanjaro trek. We see the climbers as they prepare for the onslaught that takes them through the night in order to reach the summit for the most spectacular sunrise. An uplifting soundtrack adds to the feelgood vibe that the guys obviously felt when standing at Africa's highest point. 

The third clip from gerrylamarche is short but straight to the point. Gerry pulls no punches when he describes the extreme physical challenge he faced. But when he asks himself 'Was it worth it?' the answer is unequivocal. 

The fourth clip by dunnthedirty shows a climber at his lowest ebb. It's worth watching just to recognise that climbing Kilimanjaro is certainly no Sunday afternoon stroll! 

And finally this clip by a7dro. Here an inspiring African soundtrack plays out as we watch a group of determined climbers make their way from the base. The film shows us the great variety of landscapes and changes in terrain that anyone climbing Kilimanjaro will experience. It's a great clip to leave you wanting to plan your own Kilimanjaro adventure.  


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