Kilimanjaro Health Requirements

Kilimanjaro is a serious undertaking and a good level of fitness is a clear necessity to stand a good chance of summiting. There are no specific training or preparation requirements for Kilimanjaro but preparation will certainly help.

Preparing for the mental battle: The biggest challenge of Kilimanjaro if the mental battle. You will need significant reserves of determination and patience to make it to the top. If you haven’t trekked before or don’t do much walking at home, then several long day walks (preferably including significant climbs) would be good preparation.

Preparing for the physical challenge:  Most reasonably fit people will be able to push themselves up Kilimanjaro, but preparation can mean the difference between a long hard slog and having enough in the tank to enjoy the climb. A reasonable preparation would combine a three month training program with 2-3 cardiovascular half hour sessions a week (could be a run, swim, cycle, football, squash…) with several medium – long hill walks (5-8 hours), particularly in the final run up. The intensity of this program should be adapted depending on your general levels of fitness.

You should avoid high altitudes in general (and Kilimanjaro specifically) if you have any underlying heart, lung or blood pressure conditions. Consult your doctor if you have any concerns.


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