Importance of a good Kilimanjaro guide

A good guide is always important, their knowledge can bring a landscape alive and their experience can keep you alive. Nowhere is this more important than on Kilimanjaro.


Kilimanjaro is the highest peak that is attempted in any volume by in-experienced climbers. Excessive physical exertion, cold and most importantly altitude sickness make it a serious undertaking for anyone. For this reason it is critical you choose a reliable operator that specialises in Kilimanjaro. Sometimes this means paying a little more, but in our opinion it is worth it for three reasons.

(1) The summit of Kilimanjaro sits at 5,895m. As with any high altitude climb it is essential you can trust your guide to read your symptoms and be able to distinguish between the nausea and headaches that are a common occurrence at altitudes over 3,500m and the very serious Acute Mountain Sickness with Cerebral Oedema which requires urgent medical attention.

(2) On the most popular Kilimanjaro route, Marangu, less than half of climbers make it to the summit. This is primarily due to the nature of the route itself. Our recommended Kilimanjaro specialist (Team Kilimanjaro) has pioneered several new exclusive routes which have dramatically increased summit prospects.

(3) Psychology plays a huge role in pushing yourself on to the summit. An experienced guide will know when to push and when to rest, when to raise hopes and when to set expectations.

All our Kilimanjaro treks are available to book online and we publish loads of tips online from choosing the right route, what to expect on the mountain (food, camping, huts and fitness) and first hand trekker’s accounts. If you would prefer to speak to our trek advisers who have trekked Kilimanjaro for first hand advice, call us on 0203 291 2907 or email

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