When to Go: Visiting Kenya During the School Holidays

Kenya is a fantastic destination for a family safari. Visits are possible during all school holiday periods, with the exception of Easter Holidays which coincide with the long rains.

Visiting Kenya in Christmas and February Half Term coincides with the dry season (December, January, February, Early March): This is also a great time to visit, there is no rain and a good chance of seeing wildlife as it gathers round watering holes. As with the rest of the year, you still have a good chance of seeing all the big game; lion, elephant, crocodile, buffalo, wildebeest, hippo. The drawback is prices, flight prices escalate over the Christmas / New Year period and many camps charge a peak rate.

The Easter Holidays coincide with the long rains in Kenya (late March, April, May): This is the down season with many camps and beach hotels shut. Some good deals can be had, and if you are keen visiting during this period we will recommend a lodge rather than camp, to provide more protection from the weather.

The May / June half term coincides with the end of the long rains, expect everything to be very lush, with the chance of some showers if the rains are late. Long grass can make some of the game harder to see, but it is still a good time to visit, with reasonable International flights and low season rates at some camps in the Mara.

Visiting Kenya in the July / August summer holidays coincides with the wildebeest migration (late June, July, August and early September). Mid June usually heralds the arrival of the wildebeest migration with the herds moving on in September. The migration is an incredible sight, but is not all that family friendly. If you hope to catch a glimps of the famous river crossings, you do need to plan on at least a couple of days of staking out key spots, not ideal with kids in tow. Having said that, most of our family clients do visit during this period, taking advantage of the opportunity to take a two week holiday combining safari in the Laikipia and Masai Mara region with some much needed relaxation on the beach. And although the river crossings themselves may not be suitable for many families, there are plenty of good camps in the private conservancies around the Mara which benefit from the vast volumes of wildlife in the area at this time.

October Half Term in Kenya coincides with the short rains (late September, October, November): This season is known as the short rains. A little rain falls during these months, usually early in the morning or late in the evening, but nothing to hamper your enjoyment of the Maasai Mara. The roads in the park are also fine.



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