Experience & Fitness Requirements for Kayaking Tours

Kayaking is very simple, and whilst a reasonable degree of fitness and swimming ability is essential, there is a minimal learning curve to get to the stage where you can paddle in a rudinentary fashion and enjoy the experience.  

Experience Requirements: Groups usually contain a mix of beginners and more experienced paddlers. Fortunately, kayaking is very easy to pick up from scratch, and whilst you won’t necessarily be the fastest or straightest paddler in the group, you’ll manage to get along easily. Your guide will provide tips and tuition along the way. Generally in kayaking, advanced techniques concentrate on precise manoeuvres and on paddling faster, straighter and with less effort. Guides will always accommodate for the least experienced, and will try to provide optional extra paddling or tuition for more experienced paddlers.

Some people can be nervous of falling in, but it is rare to capsize. Before setting out, your guide will instruct you how to get out of the boat if it does capsize and will encourage you to practice if you are feeling nervous. 

All kayakers are required to wear buoyancy aids and to be capable swimmers. 

Fitness Requirents: It is reasonably hard work paddling, providing equivalent exertion to going for a walk. You would typically paddle 10-15km (3-4 hours) per day, with long stops for lunch and exploring the Islands. You should be reasonably fit and agile (for getting in and out of the kayak)

Equipment: You don’t need to bring any specific equipment. We provide a full kit list, but on a basic level you will need a pair of swimming shorts, long sleeve top, and shoes you don’t mind getting wet (sandals or wet shoes/boots are best, old trainers are fine). You will be provided with all of the kayaking kit including a wet bag to keep your stuff dry.


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