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Sea kayaking holidays

Mill pool still water, silence but for the neat splash of your paddle, a seal feeding yards from your bow but most of all an overriding sense of peace and oneness with nature. Sea kayaking holidays do funny things to you. It doesn't help that the tortured winding coastlines beloved of sea kayakers also happen to be some of the wildest most beautiful places on A Sea kayaking holiday removes you entirely from modern life and immerses you in the wilderness, yet is entirely accessible to beginners - and it is that combination that makes it like no other. Case in point, imagine yourself paddling deep in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador, surrounded by primeval rainforest, jungle populated only by indigenous communities and exotic wildlife, or sea kayaking amidst the incredible wildlife of The Galapagos Islands?

On a similar wildlife theme, you could be exploring Johnstone Strait off Vancouver by Sea kayak, camping in the amazing Canadian wilderness and getting the chance to see killer whales up close, literally. That is if you aren't looking the other way at the bald eagles hunting for wild salmon and dolphin playing in the waters. Or alternatively, paddling amidst the vast floodplains of the Selinda Spillway in Botswana, home to hippos, elephants, buffalo and sable antelope.

The scenery too is often worth the price of entry alone. Imagine yourself Paddling on Milford Sound overwhelmed by towering glacial mountains, the imposing sheer rise of Mitre Peak sat almost above you and waterfalls pouring into the sea, or exploring the sheltered sea lochs and inlets of Western Scotland where the beautiful Highlands meet the sea.

And of course, if all those glacial landscapes send a shiver down your spine there are always the pristine desert Islands & beaches of Lake Malawi or the wealth of tiny Islands in the Sea of Cortez in the Baja Peninsula of Mexico in which to dip your paddle.

Finally an apology. Sea kayaking is very much distinct from canoeing on many levels, but we have deigned to include a number of fantastic canoeing holidays in our collection of sea kayaking holidays. It isn't perfect but are you going to blame us, if, whilst browsing a sea kayaking trip in the Highlands of Scotland your attention is taken by a rather exotic and enticing canoe safari in Botswana?

Coast, Canyons & River Adventure in Turkey

Coast, Canyons & River Adventure in Turkey

Try your hand at a range of different activities from white water rafting, to kayaking, canyoning & sailing.

4.0 from 5 reviews
Rating moderate
Moderate Adventure
8 days
Price based on
2 people
Flights not included
Not included
$471 per person
Dubrovnik Kayaking Short Break

Dubrovnik Kayaking Short Break

A Short Break in Dubrovnik, kayaking around the Elaphite Islands. Staying in a local guesthouse, you'll have a chance to sample the very best in local cuisine.

4.8 from 10 reviews
Rating moderate
Moderate Adventure
Small Group
5 days
Price based on
2 people
Flights not included
Not included
$572 per person
Family Activity Holiday in Turkey

Family Activity Holiday in Turkey

An activity holiday for families with a sense of adventure. Snorkel, kayak and go canyoning in picturesque south west Turkey.

5.0 from 3 reviews
Rating moderate
Moderate Adventure
8 days
Price based on
2 adults 2 children
Flights not included
Not included
$547 per person
Sea Kayaking in Greece

Sea Kayaking in Greece

Week long guided kayaking holiday on the island of Milos. Read 12 glowing reviews - "an absolutely brilliant holiday"

4.8 from 16 reviews
Rating moderate
Moderate Adventure
Small Group
8 days
Price based on
2 people
Flights not included
Not included
$685 per person
Family Sea Kayaking Holiday in Dubrovnik

Family Sea Kayaking Holiday in Dubrovnik

A family sea kayaking holiday in and around Dubrovnik available for children aged 6 and upwards.

5.0 from 3 reviews
Rating moderate
Moderate Adventure
Small Group
8 days
Price based on
2 adults 2 children
Flights not included
Not included
$785 per person
Seakayak Turkey's Turquoise Coast!

Seakayak Turkey's Turquoise Coast!

Explore Turkey’s beautiful Turquoise coast by kayak. Great area for novices and experienced kayakers.

4.9 from 8 reviews
Rating moderate
Moderate Adventure
Small Group
8 days
Price based on
2 people
Flights not included
Not included
$751 per person
Croatia Island Hopping Holiday

Croatia Island Hopping Holiday

Go Island Hopping in Croatia on this one week Dubrovnik group sea kayaking holiday exploring the steep cliffs & clear water of the local islands & staying in local guest houses.

4.5 from 10 reviews
Rating moderate
Moderate Adventure
Small Group
8 days
Price based on
2 people
Flights not included
Not included
$844 per person
Kayaking the Amazon in Ecuador

Kayaking the Amazon in Ecuador

Spend six days kayaking the Amazon deep into the rainforest to visit a local Huaorani community.

5.0 from 1 review
Rating challenging
Challenging Adventure
Small Group
6 days
Price based on
2 people
Flights not included
Not included
$2025 per person
Galapagos Adventure

Galapagos Adventure

A week long Galapagos adventure tour. Snorkel, kayak & hike amid one of the world’s most unique ecosystems with an exceptional array of wildlife.

5.0 from 1 review
Rating moderate
Moderate Adventure
Small Group
1 week
Price based on
2 people
Flights not included
Not included
$2426 per person

Average reviews for Sea Kayaking Holidays

(4.69 based on 51 ratings)

  1. My kayak tour with Tour dust is an experience I will treasure forever. I believe Johnny is exactly the type of guide everyone hopes for on a trip like this. Upbeat, funny, enthusiastic, and an incredible level of skill in this sport. I have been kayaking for many years, but, being over 60 years old now, I certainly appreciated knowing we were in such very, very capable hands.
    And the other people who took part in the trip? What a great bunch! It's hard to believe we were mostly complete strangers just one week ago. I will treasure those friendships forever as well.

    MissingStephen McGrill reviewing Dubrovnik Kayaking Short Break

  2. We had a great time, feedback: on the whole we were very happy with the Riverside Hotel, staff always helpful and friendly, pool area was lovely, food was good, the only negative I would say is the room our children had really needed some TLC. Our son called it a “bed in a shed”. Our room was a lot nicer. I know it was the cheaper accommodation so we are not moaning just commenting. Activities were all great, we loved them all. The family favourite was the canyoning, out of this world, truly wonderful day – took a day to recover!! Kayaking was good but we all felt it would have been better if we had done a little more after lunch, we kayaked a lot in the morning and then stopped for lunch followed by a short 5-10 kayak back to base. The BBQ lunches we had on board both the boat trips were fabulous.

    MissingNicholas Aldridge reviewing Coast, Canyons & River Adventure in Turkey

  3. Everything went very well and I was extremely impressed with everything you have mentioned below.

    Transfers: 5/5 - Were there on time to collect me on arrival and similarly were on time for my return transfer.

    Accommodation: 4/5 - No issues with accommodation. Very clean and friendly. Generally quiet - a couple of nights I got woken up by some music or other loud residents (but generally fine) Could have done with clean towels every day though! As had to use the same ones all week. Breakfast was lovely. Ate evening meal at the hotel once which was fine. I would rather venture out though to other places.

    Tours: 5/5 - Fantastic - our main tour guide for the kayaking and canyoning was MURAT. He was very good, very professional and very helpful. Activities were excellent. Couldn't fault them.

    MissingLucy Dawkins reviewing Coast, Canyons & River Adventure in Turkey

  4. A few comments on our recent trip
    Organization Excellent including pick up and drop off
    Our guide Amir was friendly, spoke good English, and competent as our instructor / guide, he went out of his way to give us a good holiday.
    Accommodation , First island was fantastic with a friendly family, Breakfast was outstanding
    second island was good although the breakfast wasn't up to the standard if the first.
    Equipment was all of good quality and in good condition
    overall the holiday was relaxing , enjoyable with sufficient paddling for two experienced paddlers,
    the restaurants and bars produced food which was fresh, tasty and reasonably priced
    we would highly recommend the holiday to friends and family
    we will hopefully return again to do more in Croatia in the future

    MissingAndrew Adamson reviewing Croatia Island Hopping Holiday

  5. Sea kayaking in Milos with Rod gets a 5 from me :) We had a great time! As a beginner I learned a lot and improved my technique. It was friendly, professionally run and fun! The location (Milos) is beautiful, and we paddled different stretches every day. I will recommend sea kayaking in Milos to anybody who likes sea, sun, activity and meeting new people in a great setting.

    MissingTove Semb reviewing Sea Kayaking in Greece

  6. I had a great time on my kayaking trip. The transfers/transportation were right on time and well-organized, the accommodation was comfortable and the meals were just fine. Our guides, Amir and Ivan were amazing and should be recognized for their warmth, skill, flexibility and all around greatness. Our group had a nice mix of solo/couple/group travellers and we got on really well.

    One thing to note is that the trip description says that no skill beyond reasonable fitness is required. I'm more than reasonably fit, but I found it quite difficult to cover the distances scheduled for each day in the conditions we encountered. So, you might consider making a note that beginners or people without significant upper body strength might find solo paddling to be quite challenging. That said, Ivan was so patient and supportive as I struggled my way through. I'd probably still be out there paddling if it wasn't for him!

    I'd definitely recommend this to anyone interested in seeing a quieter side of the Croatian coast.

    MissingAndrea Snyder reviewing Dubrovnik Kayaking Short Break

  7. The trip was so well organised, and all the staff were great. The kayak equipment provided was fine for both beginners and the more experienced in the group, and both our guides were brilliant. Accommodation was good, and it was lovely to stay with a local family. We all loved the pancakes for breakfast served with lemons from the garden! All the group felt that we had experienced a very real side of Croatia and there was an excellent balance of guided and independent time.

    MissingJulie Black reviewing Dubrovnik Kayaking Short Break

  8. My first time to Croatia, very impressed with the organisation from Tourdust, from booking, suggestions and assistance, to airport pickup and transfer.

    Each day was planned by the guides and very well arranged. We'd meet for breakfast and discuss the itinerary. Nothing was set it stone, as such, and our feedback was welcomed.

    The guides knowledge on history was amazing. Very thorough, and faultless English. Felt very comfortable asking questions of all kinds. We visited where "Game of Thrones" was filmed (tv programme) and also a botanic garden.

    The kayaking was fun, we stopped for swims every now and again, and to visit caves. The ocean was pretty flat / calm most the time, which was nice.

    The food was lovely and we ate in a variety of restaurants, which had been carefully chosen by the guides. All types of fish were served. And... If you ask to see the fish... Don't be surprised when it turns on with their heads on!!! (which I found out the hard way).

    The Accommodation was very comfortable, especially on nights 1-4 in Lopud, with air-con, bathroom and balcony.

    Very enjoyable trip, thank you Tourdust

    MissingName Withheld reviewing Croatia Island Hopping Holiday

  9. On the whole, I had a lovely time - the group dynamics weren't the best, but then I realise this isn't something you have any control over. The group size was good, and the kayaking and location were great.

    My accommodation on Lopud was fine (clean but basic), though much nicer on Sipan (larger room with kitchenette and lovely location). I thought the single supplement was a little bit steep though.
    Kit list - it might be worth reminding people to take a plug adaptor if they're from the UK.
    Food - the breakfasts provided lacked a bit of imagination but were fine. I felt it worked well to have some lunches/dinners provided and not others.
    The team in Croatia took good care of us from arrival to departure, in terms of picking us up from the airport, being flexible re what time we wanted to transfer to the islands, looking after our luggage whilst we looked round Dubrovnik etc.
    Our guide, Amir, got the right balance of being friendly without being intrusive. I would have liked to have been challenged slightly more in terms of learning new skills in the kayak (or tackling more difficult conditions) but he was v.willing to share his knowledge when asked. I felt very safe knowing I had a member of the Croatian white water kayaking team looking after us!

    I was very impressed with Tourdust's service prior to departure - in terms of your prompt & helpful responses to my questions and friendly but professional manner. The trip details on your website were also very helpful. I would definitely use you again.

    MissingAnne Knight reviewing Croatia Island Hopping Holiday

  10. We had a very good holiday.In brief summary:
    Amir, the guide was great.
    The accommodation on Lopud was fine, very clean and when we asked for hot water and cups, a Thermos was supplied. Breakfast was also fine, apart from the coffee which was not good.
    The evening meal which was included was not so great. Hannah and I both chose a vegetarian risotto but were then served vegetables with pasta which neither of us would have chosen and we did not enjoy. There was no choice for pudding and we were served some pancakes which again, we would not have chosen. I think that giving people more of a choice would be an improvement.
    Transport was also fine, in fact the driver who collected us from the ferry, dropped us near a beach in Dubrovnik and recommended some places to go so we had a very enjoyable 3 hours while waiting for our flight.
    Turned out that we were the only people in the group on the short trip and everyone else was there for the week. It would have been good to have been aware of this as it was all a bit odd when the information emerged.
    Otherwise, a very good holiday.

    MissingSarah Yeomans reviewing Dubrovnik Kayaking Short Break

  11. I set out early hours on the 1st November to Heathrow filled with excitement and anticipation, I had been organising and talking about it for so long that now it had arrived I felt very strange, I boarded the plane to Madrid where I would transfer to Quito in Ecuador. I will cut this part short by saying the flight was LONG and extremely uncomfortable for someone of my size, which was not helped by the fact that I was for some reason given the smallest seat on the plane and had what only can be described as the widest back-sided woman in the world next to me (God bless you Gloria, she turned out to be lovely)!

    I arrived in Quito after 12 hours in the air and couldn't think about anything other than a shower and bed! The next morning we were met by Alfredo our guide, a sort of Antonio Banderes/Louis Figo looking guy with slicked back hair and a six pack.... I was instantly aware that this was going to be hard work but if I got a six pack out of it, i was up for the challenge :)

    We gathered our bags and headed for the vans waiting outside which would drive us four hours to the Cayabeno National Reserve which is home to the highest peaks in the Andes and the starting point of out 9 hour trek along the highest ridge in Ecuador. The air was painfully thin and at around 20,000feet I can safely say that struggling is an understatement, we ploughed through a sort of grassy tundra that was covered in moss and marsh lands in some areas and long grasses and andean cactus in others, there was also a surprising array of wildlife including the great Condor and the Black spectacle bear, of which we say a few (luckily from a distance) the temperature was freezing at this point but the trek kept us warm and over the 9 hours we dropped around 800 meters which made breathing a lot easier and the promise of a natural hot spring at the end of the trek kept me going.

    We set up camp as the sun was setting over an active volcano in the distance and again I was ready for BED !

    On the 2nd and 3rd day we white water rafted down the smaller rivers of the upper Andes to reach the Amazon basin, which starts in the East of the country. I have never had such a thrill ride in my life than what we encountered over those two days and believe me when I say there were a LOT of hairy moments and scenes of sheer panic when we saw the class four and five rapids that looked like they could chew you up and spit you out!

    On the Second day of the rapids we entered a gorge that after several huge rapids and a waterfall opens out into the rainforest, we paddled to one side of the river to assess the coming water conditions and to make a plan of attack for the waterfall. The plan was to leave the rafts and climb through an hour of thick jungle to portage around the waterfall before climbing down a rock face to the other side of Casanova falls, we would then get back in the rafts and go through the aptly named "Land of the GIANTS" which was the local name for the rapids that followed. It was here that I met Jesus .... hahahaha, We got in the rafts as the heavens opened and a massive tropical storm moved in, the sound of the crashing water over the rocks was deafening and I do not exaggerate when I say it was nothing short of biblical! soaked threw and feeling sick with nerves, I looked at Alfredo and said "This is safe right?" to which he replied "we really need to go......" I thought to myself, well that’s all the answer I needed and we pushed away from the side, we paddled hard until we reached the lip of the first massive drop and as we peaked the edge I could see a colossal vortex of water and just shut my eyes and screamed.... hahahaha there is no manly actions when you are in that situation believe me.... hahahaha the boat smashed into the waves and we were pushed into wave after wave and thrown all over the place, while Alfredo was screaming orders "paddle forward" .... "hard left, left left .... LEFT !!!!" ... A some point a friend and I were thrown over the side and dragged under for what seemed an eternity, the water span me round and round and did not let me up for air.... it was then I thought my time was up and panic had set in as my last bubble of air left my mouth... I had gone completely blue and all I could think about was how annoyed I was at getting a parking ticket the week before and paid it when I would be dead a week later.... damn it !!!! eventually the water spat me out and i was pushed down stream where the other raft was waiting to help drag me out, I gasped the deepest breath and thanked god I made it....

    After the most dramatic few days of my life to date, we had reached the rainforest and a hot meal and hammock was well deserved for my first night under the canopy! one noticeable difference was the previous absence of bugs and animals at night, the jungle however was alive with sounds and noises of every animal imaginable but was somehow soothing and sent me straight to sleep.

    The following days lead us down one of the largest rivers in the Amazon the Napo river, we picked up the kayaks from here and the climate and scenery had completely changed, it was now BOILING and the river was wide and fast flowing, which after two days would take us to the mouth of our next river the Shiripano. The endless hours under the baking sun took its toll after the first day and I was quite burnt even though i was applying factor 50 every 30-40 mins! not being able to get out of the sun was not something I had experienced before but kept going with the energy bars that my trainer down the gym had given me as a good luck gift !!! THANKS ELLIOTT :)

    Once we reached the mouth of the Shiripano, we met a military post that we had to check in at, as we were about to enter Indigenous territories we had to sign a paper that said whatever happened here was not the responsibility of the Government and that if we were bitten by snakes we should try and determine the species before going to hospital (a 7 hour helicopter ride) ....GREAT!

    We first met the Kitchwa tribe here, which were a large community (about 40,000) in the whole of Ecuador and are quite familiar with western society and customs, although they did have their own dress and way of life, but it was adapted to be more "Normal" to us and they encouraged tourism as a way of making money! I enjoyed meeting the woman of the tribe as all the men worked elsewhere and seeing the children and was a real learning curve to other ways of life. Once we left here Alfredo started to tell us about the tribe we would meet in a few days time, the Hirouanis are a tribe that up until the 60's lost 70% of their own population through wars and murder between settlements, a tribe of only 1800 now remain and a further 200 that moved deep into the jungle are are still resilient to contact with the outside world. I was both amazed by the sound of them and couldn't wait to meet them.

    After two days hard paddling and camping in extreme humidity we reached the village. We were met by a much more "authentic" looking tribe and they did not disappoint, the welcoming ceremony was amazing and we all got very drunk from a local alcohol called "chicha" (a boiled root, mashed, chewed by woman of the tribe, spat out and fermented for 10 days) before we knew it we were covered in tattoos and war paint and I was waving a massive spear around the fire in the huge hut, chanting and laughing my head off as I was asked to select a "WIFE" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH you should have seen my face..... it was hilarious, not only did the tallest woman only reach my stomach but they all were a million years old ... hahahaha, they gave me a tribal name: Wayako, which means Giant warrior who has many kills (damn straight)

    After the next day with the tribe we learnt how to use a blow dart and killed a monkey for dinner, we learnt how to fish Hiruouni style and learnt a lot about the plants around and what they are used for, it was amazing and I felt like we were so lucky to experience things which maybe only a handful of people in the world ever have! we still had a few days paddling to go which was really hard work as the river was a lot thinner than previous waters and littered with trees and branches which made navigating the river slow and hard work... the heat was getting to everyone and getting a good night sleep was near impossible, the humidity kept me awake and the snakes and tarantulas seemed to be homing in on me like a beacon! I found something in my tent on more than a few occasions...

    Once we reached the lodge at the end of the river we had completed our journey of over 480 miles and the shade of the huge 1000 year old saber trees that towered over head acted as a welcome treat and the stage for a massive celebration for our efforts :) We still had a day in a motorised canoe to get back to a small oil town called Coca, an internal flight to Quito and then a gruelling 20 hours flying home (followed by delays into Heathrow...STANDARD and then realising BA had lost my baggage in Madrid....BRILLIANT) but we did not care one bit! we had made it and a huge sense of achievement was felt by all! There are many smaller and funny stories but this email is already too long and I need something to talk about for the next year, until the next trip so I have added a few photos for everyone to get an idea of the journey, which only leaves me with a HUGE THANK YOU to say to everyone that supported me and the charity and you should all feel proud that you have helped an extremely hardworking and worthwhile trust. I smashed my target of £3k and am currently at £3,555 with more to come and as a group we are currently at around £32,500.........

    MissingScott Alboni reviewing Kayaking the Amazon in Ecuador

  12. We had a really good time, thanks to the weather. The 'paddling' was very pleasant (new to me) and the geology of Milos was mind blowing.

    Missingjeremy dick reviewing Sea Kayaking in Greece

  13. We had a FANTASTIC time, I can't recommend the trip enough. The organisation was superb. The kayaking truly out of this world, with a good mix of challenges and time for relaxing, swimming or practising kayak manoeuvres. Accommodation is basic, but comfortable, and as the only time spent in the room is for sleeping , it doesn't really matter how basic it is. It was good to get out on the perfect turquoise water and meet different people from different countries everyday. I am not surprised that 50% of the guests return, I suspect that we will add to this statistic.

    MissingJoy Marshall reviewing Sea Kayaking in Greece

  14. We had a fantastic trip thank you.

    The guides on the jeep safari Shukya and Albert were particularly wonderful.

    The hotel Sirius was also excellent - a relaxed, quiet, beautiful spot on the river with a lovely family which is very undersold I feel on your website by being described as the 'budget' option - it may be cheaper but I can't see how anywhere could be nicer for a family - we felt not like tourists in the sausage mill but guests and it is really a wonderful spot. A larger hotel would have been much less genuine and welcoming.

    MissingAlice Appleton reviewing Coast, Canyons & River Adventure in Turkey

  15. The whole trip went very smoothly. Accommodation was excellent, close to the town but not too close. All the Activities were well planned, gear was good, area an interesting one to explore. Murat was able to change a days activity for us from rafting to sailing. We felt that spending 5-6 hours travelling to and from the rafting for two hours of activity wasn't a good ratio.
    Murat was an excellent guide giving us ideas for the future and when one pick up didn't arrive he was there pronto.

    MissingJeremy Briggs reviewing Coast, Canyons & River Adventure in Turkey

  16. The activities were really good, we especially enjoyed the sea kayaking and the canyoning. Murat was a really good guide and we were in a relatively small group. The sea kayaking was relatively tame but a nice gentle way to start. The 12 islands boat trip was really lovely too and again a small group : the food was fantastic on the boat. It would have been good to really stress the merit of taking goggles and snorkles. The jeep safari was good though too long ( we got back at 7) and we were the only jeep when the idea is that you go with lots of jeeps and have water fights on the way. The white water rafting was disappointing the transfer time was about 3 hours which would have put me off if I had known about this before booking. The canyoning was fantastic fun and we would all do that again. The kids really enjoyed it (10/10) We had the turkish bath on the last day and this was delicious. Much better than expected (9/10)

    The hotel was fine and was a nice little haven to come back to after the activities (8/10). The breakfasts were a littel unimaginative but sufficed.

    In general the organisation was very good and we had no problems at all.

    MissingSophie Hopkisson reviewing Coast, Canyons & River Adventure in Turkey

  17. I'd just like to say thank you for arranging the Croatia trip, I had an amazing time and would do it again in a heartbeat :)

    MissingAshvinder Kaur reviewing Dubrovnik Kayaking Short Break

  18. I had a superb holiday in Milos and it went far and away above my expectations. Rod is an excellent host and he manages to cater to everyone’s abilities.
    Hopefully I will be booking again soon to return in the autumn.

    Missingcatheryne waterhouse reviewing Sea Kayaking in Greece

  19. Three 50+ year olds had a fab time on the Croatian Island Hopping Holiday in June 2012. The trip was extremely well organised, but we didn't feel as if we were being over regimented. The kayaks were well maintained and we had the option of singles or doubles. The kayaking was challenging, due to unusually high winds, but was manageable if not a little tiring. We paddled between 12 and 19km/day. On a very windy day, the water activities had to be cancelled, but they were replaced with an equally challenging and enjoyable hike. We had the services of the guide for an extra day at the end of the week, which should have been a free day, this was an unexpected bonus to compensate for the missed day at sea. The accommodation was basic but adequate, our room on Lopud didn't have air-conditioning, which was fine in June, but may be uncomfortable in August. Other rooms in Lopud did have aircon. The food was plentiful, very fresh and lovely.

    MissingJoy Marshall reviewing Croatia Island Hopping Holiday

  20. Brilliant in every respect.

    MissingRobert Waddington reviewing Croatia Island Hopping Holiday

  21. I really loved this trip. Croatia is simply stunning and I will certainly go back there. Kayaking is a brilliant way to explore the beautiful coast. The highlights for me were the simple pleasures - exploring caves; playing around with my waterproof camera; the satisfaction of paddling over to the mainland in the heat of the day and once there, diving off the harbor walls.

    I was already confident in a kayak so found the pace easy. Our guides were friendly, relaxed and helpful. The only downside for me for a spot of seasickness on the first day, but luckily the waters were much calmer for the remainder of the trip.

    The food was typical Mediterranean fare - tasty and simple. My accommodation was just as I expected, a basic, comfortable guest-house with a friendly hug from my landlady at the end of my stay!

    Can you please pass on my thanks to the excellent mainland-based tour guide who put himself out to drop me in Dubrovnik old town on Thursday and looked after my bags so I could explore, before driving me the airport that evening. That's the sort of helpful, friendly touch that you wouldn't get with a bigger company.

    5 out of 5 for everything!

    MissingAnne-Marie Critien reviewing Dubrovnik Kayaking Short Break

  22. Amazing time, 6 of us joined the group, the two guides were so lovely friendly and very helpful. The guest houses on both islands were very traditional and very nice and the owners so welcoming. Ben and Anna at Tourdust made organising this group holiday very easy by constantly keeping in touch and answering questions etc. The kayaks and equipment was very good and each day was an adventure. I would highly recommend Tourdust to others. Thankyou for a very good holiday. Anne's group Norwich

    MissingAnne Herring reviewing Croatia Island Hopping Holiday

  23. 5/5 for the Guide
    5/5 for the accommodation
    5/5 for everything.

    Fantastic trip and we thought the food the organisation and customer care was absolutely brilliant.

    MissingMarianne Peck reviewing Sea Kayaking in Greece

  24. We had a really excellent time thanks and would rate everything 5 out of 5.
    Murat was great fun, a careful and competent guide,
    as well as being informative and entertaining.
    Loved the hotel and the friendly staff.

    MissingElinor Cole reviewing Seakayak Turkey's Turquoise Coast!

  25. We had a great time!!

    Guides - 5
    Accom - 4
    Meals - 4
    Prior - 4
    Overall - 5

    MissingPaul Royston reviewing Dubrovnik Kayaking Short Break

  26. Would rate the trip as 6 out of 5. Don't think I can say anymore than that. Had a fantastic time with great paddling. My only problem was we didn't stay for the week. I will recommend it to as many people as I can and I will return. Great value for money.

    MissingTheresa Torrance reviewing Dubrovnik Kayaking Short Break

  27. A great trip. There was a choice of single and double kayaks which were of good quality. The trips included a mix of coastal exploration and short crossings which was a good combination.. A star feature was a trip to a family small holding where we were fed copious quanties of home grown vegetables, goat and chicken reared on the farm and washed down with home made red wine and an interesting selection of liquers. At the end of the meal the guide got out is guitar and played and sang some classic English folky type songs. Accomodation but modest but fine and there was a good selection of restuarants. Obala on Lopad and the hotel on Sipad were very good value for a upmarket meal whilst the other restuarants we visited all had good fish.

    MissingAngela Milne reviewing Croatia Island Hopping Holiday

  28. We had a great time on this holiday, arranged efficiently by Tourdust. Transfer to the Calypso Plus - a really nice hotel, was only 30 mins from Dalaman airport and Dalyan, ther town, was a great place to be. It had a unique site on a large river with a variety of interesting boat trips and local historical sites to see. The combination of sea kayaking, camping overnight and staying in the hotel gave us the best of both worlds as we could explore locally on our 'rest' days.
    Or guides on the kayak trip, Sonja and Murat, were friendly, efficient and experienced and we cooked on an open fire both nights. Idyllic, isolated beach/cove campsites, with plenty of time to practice kayak skills in the sheltered, shallow water. We found the Turkish people exceptionally friendly and the standard and variety of eating out in the local restaurants was very good.
    All in all a very relaxing and enjoyable holiday!

    MissingJohn Donald reviewing Seakayak Turkey's Turquoise Coast!

  29. The guides on our trip to Croatia were really fun, knowledgable and helpful. They seemed to know absolutely everyone on the islands which was really nice and they always tried to include everybody in everything, even if their first languages weren't english. The guides were awesome.

    The accomodation was very nice and authentic, everything you could ask for was provided and the views from the balcony were quite something

    The pace and amount of paddling were good, shame one of the days we couldnt get out because of the bad weather which made the next day a bit harder but still very enjoyable.

    The whole holiday as a package was very good. Everything was organised well even when the tourdust van broke down at the start, a replacement form of transport from dubrovnik was straight there. I would thoroughly recommend this trip to anyone interested in kayaking at all, because as a beginner i was slightly nervous at the start but thought i become quite good at the end, which is a testement to the guides and the trip really. I just wish i can get enough money to go again next year!!

    MissingDavid Langley reviewing Dubrovnik Kayaking Short Break

  30. Stable kayaks, powerful doubles in interesting paddling conditions.
    geologically interesting coastline well explained by Rod. Wildlife somewhat sparse
    at time of trip, however, some surprises as well, particularly the number of
    Eleanoras falcons seen on all trips. Very friendly people everywhere in comfortable

    MissingCatherine Morrison reviewing Sea Kayaking in Greece

  31. We very much enjoyed our trip and met great people on our guided tour. The combination of sea kayaking/biking/hiking/diving etc really suited our penchant for activity holidays. The hotels were basic but absolutely fine, the food great and the Island to Island transfers exciting. You cannot help being impressed by the wildlife in the Galapagos Islands. We combined it with a visit to Quito where we did an awesome mountain bike ride down the slopes of Cotopaxi, then managed to climb the same mountain over the next 2 days - 19,000 feet!
    I would thoroughly recommend this holiday as organised by Tourdust!
    That's our second great trip with this company.

    MissingJohn Donald reviewing Galapagos Adventure

  32. Just to let you know that we had an outstanding week of sea-kayaking, white-water rafting and trekking. Our guide, Sonja Grau, and Murat were simply outstanding in their manner, the design and delivery of the week's activities.

    MissingThomasJ reviewing Seakayak Turkey's Turquoise Coast!

  33. I had a fantastic group, the local knowledge of the guides was invaluable in ensuring the group had the best possible experience. Great paddling, great guides, great good, great time had by all.

    MissingTonyLitson reviewing Croatia Island Hopping Holiday

  34. Sea kayaking is the ideal way to explore these beautiful islands. Warm clear seas, fantastic local cuisine and a very helpful company with local knowledge of all the best places to visit and eat.

    MissingMaureen Birch reviewing Croatia Island Hopping Holiday

  35. This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. We enjoyed the kayaking whch was quite manageable even for a couple in their late fifties. The weather was brillinant and we met some really nice people. What more could you want - a bit of white water?

    MissingNeil Badger reviewing Croatia Island Hopping Holiday

  36. This was a fabulous holiday. Four days of kayaking, one day white water rafting and a day of trekking and a boat trip - perfect.

    It didn't take long to feel at home in the kayak and it was great to stop at secluded beaches for lunch and snacks and to camp under the beautifully starry night skies.

    My personal highlights were the snorkelling opportunities and gazing open-mouthed up at the huge boats in Gocek harbour as we paddled by.

    Huge thanks to Sonja from Kaunos Tours who was a great guide, chef and goat wrangler!

    Thanks to Tourdust too for their smooth organisation and booking of the trip.

    MissingLouise Kelly reviewing Seakayak Turkey's Turquoise Coast!

  37. We really enjoyed our trip. It was a great introduction to Sea Kayaking and Milos has a wonderful varied coastline that is best appreciated by Kayak. We used the 2-man Kayak for some of the trips which helped when you wanted a lazier day. I completely agree with Angela's review already on site and add that Rod's a great photographer on the water. We also enjoyed relaxing in the guesthouse bar with the other kayakers after the day's paddling.

    MissingGavinStather reviewing Sea Kayaking in Greece

  38. This is a great experience to see the real Croatia. I had never been on a group holiday before and was a little hesitant, however Filip and Radovan the guides were incredibly patient and I was blessed with a fantastic fun group.

    MissingMerihanTadros reviewing Dubrovnik Kayaking Short Break

  39. I would highly recommend Tourdust to all wanting a well organised, no fuss trip. The Tourdust Team are friendly, knowledgable, and readily available; and offered a superb value-for-money service. Our group sea-kayaked on a bespoke tour, and fully indulged in all the organised delights. Lots of credit to our guides Sonja and Murelia too! Incidentally, the scenery along the coast is stunning, the stars at night are totally magical, and the wild camping is a pretty decent experience - all lent to make a great time with friends and colleagues. A rustic treat!

    MissingRobert Streeter reviewing Seakayak Turkey's Turquoise Coast!

  40. We were absolutely delighted with our recent kayaking trip. Both your handling of the booking and Rod's handling of the week were exactly what we expected and it was all good!

    I would rate your service as a 5/5 and cannot think of anything to suggest improvements.

    We would also rate Rod's service as 5/5 and have already recomended it to a couple of friends if they were to do a similar trip.

    Many thanks to you and Rod for making this a very stress free holiday.

    MissingLynnKitching reviewing Sea Kayaking in Greece

  41. We had a thoroughly enjoyable holiday - Rod Feldtman looked after us very well on the sea trips and as beginners we felt 100% safe at all times. Milos is a lovely island & we'll definitely return one day

    MissingStephenBrown reviewing Sea Kayaking in Greece

  42. Brilliant and varied trips for a whole week. The scenery was very different each day and there was a good combination of trips with caves and arches to explore and crossings to nearby islands. Lunches and snacks provided were good and the trips seemed suitable for both those with and without previous experience of kayaking. It was also nice to be able to choose single or double kayaks.,We enjoyed some very good food in the local villages in the evenings.A bonus was we were given a cd of pictures of our trip at the end.

    MissingAngela reviewing Sea Kayaking in Greece

  43. Received good support for my late booking through Tourdust who were able to answer all my questions in a timely way and even put me in touch with the Tour leader in Turkey via e mail. I thought Kaunos Tour staff were good and our Kayak leader Sonja was excellent. The camping food was ample and tasty. Felt that all our needs were met without any fuss.

    MissingGill reviewing Seakayak Turkey's Turquoise Coast!

  44. Great holiday. Excellent value for money. We were looked after extremely well. I would recomend this holiday to anyone wanting to experience Turkey and not follow the crowds. It was everything we hoped for and more.

    MissingKen reviewing Seakayak Turkey's Turquoise Coast!

  45. We had a fantastic holiday in Greece. The island was beautiful and Rod, Paul and Petronella looked after us very well. We met some great people whose company made the trip hugely entertaining.

    I'd highly recommend the adventure.

    MissingZoeF reviewing Sea Kayaking in Greece

  46. My holiday experience was very good,for all round care and attention to
    detail, standard of accommodation, and our tour guide Sonjia who was
    brilliant, all round I would give it 4 out of 5, but for value for money, i
    would give it 5 out of 5.

    I will almost certainly return next year possibly for a week in May.

    MissingGary reviewing Seakayak Turkey's Turquoise Coast!

  47. We had an absolutely fantastic time in Milos and have recommended it to
    many of our friends.

    MissingChellie reviewing Sea Kayaking in Greece

  48. Amazing. I didn't expect to have so much fun. Each day there was something new to explore or see that was unexpected. Rod is the perfect guide and coach. Paddling conditions varied which also made for some interesting windy trips and some more serene calm ones.

    MissingLouise reviewing Sea Kayaking in Greece

  49. This was an absolutely brilliant holiday and pretty much ticked all the boxes - fantastic weather; lovely scenery; not too touristy and an activity that teenagers and middle aged adults alike would enjoy.
    I had not kayaked before but Rod was so positive and encouraging that any feelings of apprehension were soon banished and paddling over the crystal clear waters and into the caves was fantastic. We all loved the snorkelling and jumping off the rocks.
    On two of the trips we paddled home into the setting sun -so stunning!
    The room we stayed in was basic but clean and comfortable and right above Petronella's cafe so great for ice creams and ouzo!!
    Everything was so well organized but really relaxed and laidback at the same time. Generally we set off at 10am which feels pretty civilized and then we'd be back by about 6.30, nicely tired and hungry.
    We can't wait to go again!

    MissingRobyn reviewing Sea Kayaking in Greece

  50. This holiday is really great- I'm back in London now and missing the easy-going days of eating, paddling, swimming/snorkelling and paddling some more.

    There are lots of different trips to go on and Rod (the guy who runs things along with his wife, Petrinela) tells you which you're doing at breakfast depending on wind and such like. One day we went to an old sulphur mine, another we spent going through lots of arches and into caves (Kleftico- my favourite day), another we paddled across to the nearby island Kimolos.

    Ability doesn't matter. I started the week in a kayak with a rudder (easier for steering) and then 'graduated' to one without. I was happy just to paddle along and play about in the rocks but my brother wanted to eskimo roll and learn how to rescue people who fall in- Rod duly taught him to do so. There were some hardcore enthusiasts who practised their kayaking skills during breaks, folks on day trips only, and couples in two people kayaks. This meant group dynamics changed- sometimes the group would be speedy/fitter but on other days paddling was more leisurely (and Rod adapted as such). Either way I love the peacefulness of kayaking and Milos' beautiful coastline and gorgeous blue/green sea meant my holiday was pretty bloody fantastic.

    The place where you stay is comfortable and clean and on your day off you can hire a buggy from nearby Adamas to whizz round the island on. Fun, fun, fun.

    Caroline Harper, London UK

    MissingCaro07 reviewing Sea Kayaking in Greece

  51. Sunshine, warm blue seas, beautiful scenery, comfortable air conditioned accommodation and a grinning Aussie guide. ………We had come to Milos to paddle but the warm evenings, when the shops and cafes reopened after their long siesta, gave us time to glimpse Greece at its best. Milos is where many Greeks go for their holidays, and within easy walking distance of Petrinela’s guest house is a labyrinth of picturesque lanes and alleyways, strung with fairy lights and flowers, tiny white-painted houses with colourful doors and balconies, and a wondrous array of artisan craft shops and relaxed restaurants (most with English translations in the menus). After dinner, if you have any energy left from the day’s paddling, I would recommend the stroll up to the top of the hill to the castle, originally a lookout post for pirates, but now affording beautiful views across the whole island and unparalleled glimpses of the sun setting over nearby islands. I could feel my cares dropping away from me on the very first evening and soon felt more relaxed than I had done for years.

    The scenery was amazing. Milos is volcanic and Rod (who came to Milos originally as a geologist) was able to explain about the fantastic rock formations, caves, arches and islands. Each corner revealed a new surprise: a tiny fishing village, a deserted beach, and a labyrinth of mining tunnels or a kingfisher flashing past.

    The first few days were calm, time to get used to the boats and enjoy the scenery. The trips were long enough to make us feel pleasantly tired but nothing strenuous. Each day we had two lengthy stops, usually on a sheltered beach or rocky area good for snorkelling. After morning snacks of biscuits and chilled fruit I was amazed to find I still had room for the huge amount of lunch Petrinela packed for us each day.

    (Rhoda Daniels Published in Canoe Focus in September 2008)

    Canoe focus logoCanoeFocus reviewing Sea Kayaking in Greece