White Water Rafting in Moab

Quite the adventure hub, Moab is the perfect base for a white water rafting trip, with tours from 1 day to a week to choose from. If you have time, try to go for at least 2 days, as there is quite simply nothing like camping on a deserted river beach. The trip you choose depends mainly on the ages of your children, as younger children are not allowed to go on the faster rapids. Whilst life jackets are provided and should be worn at all times when on the boats and around the water, it is advisable that your child is able to swim to take part in a rafting trip.

5 – 10 year olds

The under 10’s are not old enough to go on the wilder rapids, so for this age group, there are two available rafting options:

2 Day / 1 Night Colorado River Float trip (grade I – II rapids depending on water levels)

A gentle two day float trip on the Colorado River close to Moab, passing through gentle rapids. In the late afternoon, you will set up camp on one of the many riverside beaches, where you will enjoy a mouth-watering dinner under the stars. This is a great option if you are short of time and want to experience the stunning scenery of the area from the river. Children will love playing and swimming in the river and adults will love the relaxed pace. Your guide will bring inflatable kayaks along so you have the option to explore at your own pace.

Green River (grade II – III rapids depending on water levels)

The Green River trip is ideal if you have more time and want to get further off the beaten track, well away from the day-trippers on the Colorado River. Your trip begins with a scenic flight before you set off in your raft. The five day trip includes some shorter hikes and the chance to see Indian petroglyphs, as well as some rapids. The emphasis is on fun and you will have a child-friendly guide with you who will take the children on nature hikes while you have a chance to relax by the river. Evenings are spent camping by the river and chatting round the campfire. Your guide will bring inflatable kayaks along so you have the option to explore at your own pace.

10 +

For the older children, there are a couple of rafting trips that go through wilder rapids:

Westwater Canyon – either 3 days or 2 days (grade III – IV rapids depending on water levels)

This trip begins with a 2 hour drive upstream from Moab to the Colorado River. The first day is more of a relaxing one, with a chance to swim, play and float along. The next day is when the fun begins, with a succession of rapids to navigate. There are also some great hiking opportunities, as well as the chance to relax around camp. This is a great option for families short on time who want some good rapids. You will have the option of having a paddle boat for your family, so you can navigate the rapids as a family together.

Cataract Canyon (grade III – IV rapids depending on water levels)

The Cataract Canyon rafting trips take you through the stunning Canyonlands National Park, through some of the region’s most beautiful scenery. The trip begins on the Colorado River, close to Moab, and ends in Lake Powell. Over the course of the five days, you will tackle rapids, hike in the National Park and look for Native American petroglyphs. As with all of the trips, you will camp by the riverside and have plenty of time to relax. You will return to Moab via a scenic flight. This trip is by oarboat, which means that the guide navigates through the rapids.



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