When to go to Namibia

Namibia can visited year round, it is busiest between June and September and low season is between November and March.

April-May: Autumn in Namibia falls in April and May and tends to be a lovely time to visit with all the young being born and the vegetation still green.

June to September: Winter in Namibia is often the best time to visit, temperatures during the day reach a very comfortable early 20 degrees Celsius, although it can be chilly at night. This is the time of the least rainfall making the vegetation less dense and the game easy to spot with higher concentration of wildlife around watering holes. Coinciding with the Western Hemisphere summer holidays this is often the busiest time to visit Namibia and you will need to plan your trip well ahead of time.

Late September - Early November: Spring in Namibia falls in late September into early November and can have variable weather. Generally though this is one of the best time of year to visit with arguably the best game viewing.

November - March: This is summer in Namibia with hot and humid conditions and occasional afternoon thunderstorms. With the rains, the wildlife tends to disperse away from the watering holes. This can still be a wonderful time of year to visit Namibia if your focus is less on the wildlife and more on the scenery.

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