Guide and Porter Welfare

The guides and porters we use for our treks on Mount Kenya belong to a guides and porters club known as the Burguret Youth for Conservation Group (of which our local representative is the patron). The primary objective of the club is members welfare, fair remuneration, proper shelter on the mountain, sufficient meal allowances, proper porter bags and carried weight restrictions.

Porters are restricted to carrying 18kg each. We suggest a maximum of 15kg for clients, leaving the porter 3kg for their own equipment.

Porter and guides are covered for health care and allowances (if unable to work). If an illness or injury keeps a member away from work for a month or more, the affected member is provided with a monthly allowance to manage their basic need and medication. Medical care is covered both by employee insurance and by a member's kitty held by the Burguret Youth for Conservation Group.

Health and Safety and Guide Experience

Guides are very experienced (a key factor in recognizing symptoms of altitude sickness) and well trained in first aid (with refresher courses once a year). In case of illness on the mountain of any member on a trip (client or crew) they are escorted to the nearest road head reachable by vehicle and evacuated from the mountain and if necessary taken to a good hospital that specialises in mountain related illnesses.

Accommodation on Mount Kenya

Rooms in the huts are not strictly single sex, but it is worth bearing in mind that visitor numbers on Mount Kenya are low and as such, we should be able to arrange a single sex room for you. Huts have dining rooms, kitchens (for staff) and very basic dorms. There are toilets and (very cold) running water. Huts are not heated and mice can be a problem in the huts as they are protected (as are all animals in National Parks) by the Kenya Wildlife Conservation.


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