A day in Addis Ababa

The view arriving in Ethiopia coming off the airplane is text book Africa, grass savannah broken up by hazy mountains in the distance, but Addis feels anything but African. Addis the de facto the diplomatic capital of Africa and is a surprisingly calm place to wonder around.

The big draws in Addis are the museums, with the highlight being Lucy, the oldest and most complete hominid found. Unfortunately she is on loan to the US at the moment so you will have to make do with a replica model and very good explanation of the the evolutionary process!

Coffee in Addis AbabaCoffee is alleged to originate in Ethiopia and whilst I'm not really a coffee buff, I can assure you I've never tasted better coffee than in Ethiopia.  

Central Mercado, Addis Ababa

The Central mercado in Addis is the largest in Africa. Unfortunately it isn't quite what it used to be, as much is undergoing modernisation. Still, you can pick up souvenirs, AK47s, cows and trucks if you know where to look (not all in the same shop I hasten to add).

Injurra, the typical food of Ethiopia is a slightly sour pancake that serves as plate, spoon and accompaniment to most meals in Ethiopia. It is served here with a variety of vegetable stews.

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