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As the owners of Silver Salmon Creek Lodge, we'd like to share a little about our back-grounds. I came to Alaska in 1953, at the age of 2, my parents being teachers in the "bush" area of Lake Clark. My first memories in life revolved around playing outdoors and participating in adventurous camping, fishing, hunting and boating activities in Alaska's wilderness, where the family lived in a log cabin and enjoyed a robust and rewarding life-style. Later, after my father was lost in a plane crash, we moved to the Kenai Peninsula where I graduated from high school. Psychology was my subject of interest in college, which I studied at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. After working for several years at a group home for troubled adolescents, I decided there was no better way to blend my love for the outdoors and still work with people than by establishing a wilderness resort where both could be appreciated.
Our current establishement was purchased in 1983, a potential lodge at the time, where the name was changed, many additions and improvements made, and the lodge nurtured into an established recreation destination, under the same management now for 26 years. My wife Joanne is originally from Omaha, Nebraska, where she studied medicine at Creighton University. She completed her residency and board certification in Emergency Medicine at the University of Colorado. While practicing in Alaska's Soldotna and Homer, in 1991 she took her mother to a remote destination for salmon fishing. It was there, on the "outside beach" where as a guest you will land in a bush plane, that I met my future wife and mother-in-law. Joanne continues to practice emergency medicine, spending most of the summer months at the lodge. Joanne and I share the same enthusiasm for meeting and hosting guests from all over the world and introducing them to the natural beauty and experiences of "Silver Salmon." Our casual, intimate and adventurous environment allows us to personalize our services with some of our 'guests' becoming life-long friends, returning frequently over the past 25 years.
With 40 acres of land within Lake Clark National Park, we hope to see you at Silver Salmon Creek Lodge, where our 50% returning guests enjoy our renowned food service and adventure-based outdoor activities unequaled in diversity and personalization. It is our hope that we can provide life long memories in an ecologically sound manner to all our visiting guests.

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  1. Silver Salmon Creek is magical! Worth the journey in every respect. My family has been going to this place for decades (way before there was a commercial lodge) - it's wild Alaska at its best.

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