Welcome to the new Tourdust blog

Welcome to the new Tourdust blog!

We have been busy squirreling away adding exciting new features to Tourdust to make it the best adventure travel ecommerce site in the world.  In the meantime we need to get serious with our blog (which previously had been a bit of a mixed bag of topics over at the trailbeater.) 

The Trailbeater will remain for Ben’s ramblings on the travel industry, ecommerce and the like.  This blog will focus on our true passion - travel.  We’ll be talking about some of our favourite adventures and cultural experiences and we will be interviewing some of our fantastic operators (just to give y’all a healthy dose of lifestyle envy).  We’ll also describe our travels around the world, where over the coming years, we’ll be attempting to review all of our operators first hand.  So, expect a good dose of our stories and travails travelling with our three cheeky little girls.  Ben also hopes to start a series of posts on his passion – travel literature and world music, to whet your appetite for travel.

Of course you may also see the odd cheeky link to things like adventure travel, well there wouldn’t be much point in putting all this effort into writing if we didn’t do what we can to please Gbot. 

(If you are captivated by the photo, it is an image from a particularly spectacular wilderness trip in Canada)


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