5 extraordinary ways to handle excess baggage

A highlight of travelling in parts of Asia and Africa is the astounding ingenuity applied to transport. Our record is three people plus bags on a moped, which is lame in comparison to the efforts of locals:

Bike of Burden in Vietnam

This is one of my favourite photographs. Not only has the guy managed to get all these boxes on the back of this bike but has also then had the courage to join the cargo. Why hasn't the whole thing tipped backwards. (Picture from Flickr user graemenewcomb)


Holy Cow

In Vietnam it's quite a regular sight to see livestock being transported this way, but it still amazes me each time I set eyes on this photo that; one the cow is alive and two that its on the back of a motorbike with a couple of passengers. (Picture from Flickr user desheboard)


And you thought re-cycling was hard?

It's not unusual to see overloaded vehicles in China, but you have to admit that this attempt is impressive. Not only has it caught the eye of the photographer but has even drawn the gaze of fellow passersby. (Picture from Trekearth user Andre Holdrinet)

Tuk Tuk tours

Tuk Tuks have built a reputation as a bit of a backpacker cliche, but they clearly still have a functional use. This one in particular catches the eye as not only is overloaded with passengers, but it is trying to perform a balancing act with 9 rubber rings on the roof. Any guesses to how many times the driver had to stop and reload? (Picture from Flickr user recoverling)


Extreme Buckaroo!

This picture is another classic, the guy driving has managed to get 7 kids on the bike, but they also seem to be enjoying it from the smile on the young girls face. (Picture from www.roadsafety.co.za)



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